Hurst Construction LLC was established in 2004 to provide efficient, expert excavation and site-preparation services for land developers and public entities throughout the State of Washington.  Our primary operations have since evolved to encompass larger infrastructure improvements involving transportation - construction with roads, bridges, airports, railways;  installation of large utilities - domestic and irrigation water systems (with reservoirs, wells, silos), sanitary sewer, wastewater treatment facilities, septic systems, storm sewer mains and systems; large demolitions and clearings. Additional focus is placed on environmental projects - restorations, mass erosion control, in-water work with water-body diversions and improvements, fish habitat preservations and facilities construction, public parks and recreational facilities.  Furthermore, we offer similar, customized solutions to respond to the unique needs of some of our customers. 90% of our endeavors are publicly funded with 10% derived from private sources.

We remain a general, heavy construction contractor.  Our team of project managers, superintendents, heavy equipment operators, specialty laborers, and professional support staff are technically capable, seasoned industry individuals who deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations on an array and magnitude of projects. 



A healthy and safe work environment impacts every measure of a firm’s success, from quality of work to productivity and profitability; our customers and our own.  Hurst strives to be a leader in safety.  We empower our employees to take an active role in creating a safe workplace through procedures such as direct safety training and certifications, on-site job observation and hazard analyses.  We expect our employees to conduct business in a manner that integrates all applicable elements of our safety program into our operations.  We are relentless in our approach to prevent each and every accident as we believe that every incident, and therefore every occupational injury and illness, is preventable.


Quality work reduces costs, improves schedule, and, in doing so, satisfies our customers.  We believe in achieving quality by making solid decisions based on facts, identifying issues before they occur, promptly fixing problems should they materialize, and inspiring every person on a project to “do it right the first time.”


Integrity is a business imperative.  Hurst’s integrity as a Company comes from our integrity as individuals.  Every day, each of our employees must conduct every aspect of our work fairly according to the highest ethical business standards, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations with transparency and accountability.  As with safety, there is no room for compromise.


Hurst is committed to excellence in its business practices, operations and projects.  With a collaborative approach, we strive to deliver the best product utilizing the innovative ideas, foresight and work ethic of our employees to execute projects with a sense of urgency and the most cost-effective manner creating sustainable value for our customers.