Wells Hatchery Modernization

Project Owner: PUD No. 1 of Douglas County

Engineer:  HDR Engineering

At Azwell Wells Dam on Columbia River, project involves complete reconstruction of dam's antiquated fish hatchery. Hurst crews work to install bypass waterlines, demolish old raceways, and install new utilities systems for facilities to be constructed by general Lydig Construction.

Fruitvale Canal & Industrial Waste Improvements

Project Owner:  City of Yakima

Engineers:  Huibregtse, Louman Associates, Inc.

Installed 4,500’ 30” HDPE (fusion welded), 3,200’ 6” SDR 35, 3,200’ 4” SDR 35, 246’ 32” steel casing, 166’ 10” steel casing, 166’ 8” steel casing, 166’ 6” SDR 21, 166’ 4” SDR 21, 310’ 10” C-900, 340’ 8” C-900, 585’ 24” Cl. 50 D.I., constructed new concrete head walls and HMA paving.


Water Main Replacement Project

Project Owner: City of Moses Lake

This project consisted of installing 11,800 LF of 12” C-900 water main and 2,250 LF of 8” C-900 water main with valves and hydrants.  The work also included replacing 29 existing water services in the downtown area in conjunction with replacing the water mains in that area, mostly in the vicinity of buried natural gas pipelines, without disrupting service to businesses and residents.

Chelan Hatchery Water Supply

Project Owner: PUD No. 1 of Chelan Co.

The “District” is co-owner of the Chelan Fish Hatchery with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife “WDFW” who is contracted to operate the entire hatchery located off the US97 and Columbia River.  The District elected to increase water supply to improve hatchery rearing conditions.  Two crews worked, each focusing on different scopes in different locations at the property. The old water main, constructed with cement asbestos pipe for removal, from the well field to the hatchery and old degassing towers had limited capacity.  The work subsequently involved de-watering, creating a new transmission main and degassing facility with greater capacity including five new water segments with a total of 2,500 LF of 28” HDPE (fusion welded), 300 LF of 36” steel casing pipe for a temporary bypass (involving ramming, boring beneath highway), 7,350 LF 2” PVC conduit, 8” ductile iron storm drainage improvements, valves, manifolds, 8” – 30” diameter gravity drain yard pipe, 8”-28” diameter pressurized yard piping for degassing towers along with other valves, fittings, manholes, earthwork, electrical blowers, flow meters and instrumentation, new concrete raceways, site and surface restoration.