Commercial Street - 3rd St. to 8th St. Reconstruction

Project Owner: City of Leavenworth

Engineer:  TD&H Engineering

This includes removal of existing ACP, installation od new curb, gutter, heated sidewalks, ramps, crosswalks; stormwater system, replacement of water mains, new hydrants, pedestrian lighting, streetscapes and widened, paved roadway and new parking at the Waterfront Park access.

Selah Vicinity - Re-Route Highway SR 823

Project Owner: WA State Department of Transportation

Engineers:  WSDOT - South Central Region

Contract provided for the improvement of SR 823and cross streets and the creation of a new arterial road, in the Selah Vicinity of Yakima County. Elements of work included roadway excavation, mass site grading, installation of new domestic water mains and services, sanitary sewer system and services, storm sewer system including hydrodynamic separators, drywells and other structures, new traffic signal systems and revisions for pedestrian safety, new illumination systems, curb, gutter, sidewalk construction, paving with 8,700 ton of HMA, reconstructing one existing roadway’s paving with cement concrete pavement, permanent signing, new roadway markings and landscaping. Project was completed with 30 extra working days remaining.

Frazer Creek Bridges

Consulting Engineer:  Jay Kidder, P.E., Chinook Engineering

Project Owner: Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation

This emergency work involved replacing five culverts with pre-fabricated bridges along Frazer Creek.  Due to the Carlton Complex Fires, the land owners along Frazer Creek experienced unforeseen flooding on their properties adjacent Frazer Creek; some driveways were completely washed out.  The project involved a significant amount of dewatering of the stream, removal of existing culverts, removal and stream channel construction with angular shot, river rock and boulders and construction, placement, of the pre-fabricated bridges.


North Road Bridge and Site Improvement Project

Project Owner: Chelan County, Washington

Contract provided for the improvement of the North Road area near Leavenworth, WA by widening, excavating 16,000 cubic yards of material, drilling and blasting large, embedded granite, replacing a 176’ 10’ diameter multi-plate culvert in Chumstick Creek with 32’ wide 136’6” long pre-stressed concrete girdered bridge, lowering the roadway grade at the BNSF Railroad trestle and constructing a walkway through the trestle, placing new surfacing, improving drainage, installing guardrail and traffic barriers. Work also included the construction of an infiltration ponds and drywells. To proceed with the new bridge build, a temporary access road was put in place on the west side of the ravine (Chumstick Creek) which required de-watering and re-routing of creek; Hence, two coffer dams were constructed (one on up end, one on down end of temporary road over creek), two 8”diesel pumps were placed and ran 24 hours per day, for three weeks, and pumped water up the bank at a 50’ vertical and released the water 250’ up the creek until the construction of the bridge (abutments, setting of girders, decking) was completed. Temporary road made up of 5,000 cubic yards of material was excavated and removed along with the entire 10’ diameter culvert pipe. To complete the project, a new creek bottom was put in place beneath the new bridge and the site was restored to its natural habitat with new landscaping, plantings, trees, etc.. All work was in accordance with the WDFW in-water work specifications.