Nason Creek - Lower Oxbow Connection

Project Owner: Chelan Co. Natural Resource Dept.

This contract is provided for the improvement of habitat on Nason Creek off of US2 by reconnecting relic Nason Creek channels. The work included excavation and grading for and the installation of a road to allow crew access to the site of construction of two 89-foot long railroad bridges and 24 h pilings.  Three coffer dams (100’, 100’, 90’) were constructed along with structure to provided passage over the dams, installation of in stream structures including placements of woody debris, placement of live stakes, placement of ELJs and grade control ELJs, boulders, boulder weirs and roughened channel, placement of gravel associated with structure placement and salmon and forage fish spawning gravel restoration work. Three large culverts were removed and excavation and construction of a 220-foot long connector channel between the bridges occurred along with the construction of permanent access roads – one at 220-feet long at the upstream end of the project and the other, 1650 feet long at the downstream end of the project followed by restoration of plantings and other natural habitat.  This is the first known project where BNSF has collaborated with the BPA, the provider of funding.