Fruitvale Canal & Industrial Waste Improvements

Project Owner: The City of Yakima

Project work included Fruitvale Canal irrigation improvements including installing 4,500’ new 30” HDPE, 250’ new 32” steel casing, installing irrigation access ports and diversion assemblies. Industrial waste line improvements included installing 6,750’ of new 6” and 4” PVC force main, 650’ of 8” PVC industrial waste main; sewer manholes and fittings, installing 332’ of 10” and 8” steel casing and cleanout assemblies. Work also included drainage improvements, reinforced concrete walls, removal of existing structures, fences and canal liner; abandonment and removal of existing pipe; surface restoration with HMA and cement concrete paving, curb and gutter. Existing 48” transmission water main improvements included installing to bypass assemblies and armoring 150’ of the buried part of the main with cement concrete and placement of quarry spalls above and adjacent the main. Other irrigation improvements included 585’ 24” ductile iron pipe and fittings and reinforced concrete headwalls.

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